Students carry out various community projects that share the benefit of others with their work. Their work gives back to both the university environment and the community at large. There are various ways to participate in student community projects, but it is best to talk to each club’s contact about events and other work.

Student groups
The University association of Amnesty

The association aims to educate and advocate for human rights. They also show support to victims of human rights violations both here in Iceland and around the world.


Is a new project at the Division of Academic Affairs at the University of Iceland. Sprettur supports promising youth with immigrant backgrounds who come from families with little to no university education. The goal of Sprettur is to create equal opportunities in education. https://english.hi.is/sprettur

Name:Rakel Ósk Reynisdóttir

Other organizations
Erasmus Student Network Iceland

Their mission is to make the life of all international students coming to Iceland easier by offering support, organizing events and trips, and providing networking opportunities. We aim to integrate international students into the local community and bring everyone together.