SHI International Committee

The Student Council International Committee deals with issues concerning the interests of foreign students at the University of Iceland and the affairs of Icelandic students abroad. The committee welcomes foreign exchange students at the UI where they are presented with their rights and wherever they can search with questions. The International Committee also manages contact projects that give Icelandic students and foreign exchange students the opportunity to get acquainted.


Emily Reise

Other members:

Marcello Milanezi

Lísa Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

Björk Jónsdóttir

Urður Helga Gísladóttir

Jasmín Kristjánsdóttir

SHÍ Social Life and Culture Committee

Stands for the most fun and fun projects of the University of Iceland each year. The committee is responsible for the organization and implementation of major social events that the Student Council represents and enjoys. The biggest events of the year are the Student Days at the end of the New Year’s Week and the Octoberfest held in September. In addition to these events, the committee has heard of various other fun and exciting events. The committee meets regularly and puts a great deal of effort into the satisfaction of fellow students, with good morals, catchments and the cohesion of UI students.


Erna Lea Bergsteinsdóttir

Other Members:

Ástráður Stefánsson

Magnús Orri

Hilmar Adam Jóhansson

Sindri Freyr Ásgeirsson

SHI’s Financial and Business Committee

The Finance and Business Committee has some of the major interests of students of the University of Iceland within their constituencies. The committee covers student employment issues as well as their relationship with the business community. The purpose of the committee is to create an important connection between students and the business community, a connection that stays in the future.

The Finance and Business Committee also has a student loan fund on its hands and is looking for ways to ensure that students have a living during the school year. The Finance and Employment Committee bears the burden of finding ways to improve the operations of the loan fund and improve student interests. The Student Council appoints one member of the LÍN board, thus directly affecting the LÍN allocation rules. This representative works in close collaboration with the Finance and Business Committee.

The Committee is responsible for all matters relating to student finance and employment. Nothing is irrelevant to us. If you have any ideas for improving student welfare please feel free to contact the committee members, who will take all ideas open arms.


Sindri Snær A van Kasteren

Other Members:

Ásrún Sara Kristjánsdóttir

Kristín Helga Jónsdóttir

Berglind María Sigurbjörnsdóttir

SHÍ's Family Committee

The family committee helps guard the rights of students with families and students who are parents at the University of Iceland.

The committees aims to help students with children with their rights in their studies, with their loans, with their parent leave and other things. The committee has stated that they want the University not to have any classes set for after 17 o’clock and not on weekends. The committee hosts various events throughout the year like the sport school and a Christmas dance.

Social media:

Faceook: fjolskyldunefndshi

 Instagram: @fjlskshi

Gunndís Eva Baldursdótti

Other members:

Gréta Dögg Þórisdóttir

Thelma Rut Jóhannsdóttir

Sigríður Ása Alfonsdóttir

Jóna Guðbjörg Ágústsdóttir

Equality committee

The Equality Committee aims to see equality for all within the University. The committee wants every student here to have the same rights as other regardless of their gendar, background, age, disability or others.

The Equality Committee gives the University restraint and pushes on them to follow up with and stand by the Universities policy in equality matters, their policy in disability matters and the Universities policy against discrimination. The committee makes sure that the student environment does not inhibit them in any ways such as with gendered labels, accessibility and in price range. The committees president sits in a board that issues out funding for students at the UI that need specific learning recourses. The fund is issues every semester.

The committee brings attention to equality matters independently and in cooperation with the University with lectures, screenings and other events that will bring um students attention to equality matters in a diverse sense.


Bryndís Ólafsdóttir

Other members:

Mars M. Proppé

Lenya Rún

Tinna Alicia

Kris Micah Kaneh Labarda

Teaching Matters Committee

The Teaching Matters Committee is involved with how SHÍ’s Teaching Conference is held with cooperation from UI’s Education Committee, UI’s Quality Committee and The UI’s Teaching Centre. Among with presenting the schools studies and teaching methods.


Rebekka Karlsdóttir

Other members:

Jessý Jónsdóttir

Bjarnveig Björk Birkisdóttir

Harpa Stefánsdóttir

Law Amendment Committee

The Law Amendment Committee has the role of reweaving the laws for The Student Council and The Student fund. They suggest changes of their laws, if they see fit. The committee must ensure that the laws are clear, accessible and

Legislative amendments may be referred to the committee for comment.


Lilja Hrönn Önnudóttir Hrannarsdóttir

Other members:

Ingveldur Anna

Egill Örn Richter

Ragnar Þór Snæland