March 29, 2021

Results of the Student Council Elections

Last Wednesday and Thursday, March 24th and 25th, elections to the Student Council 2021-2022 took place. Students voted between candidate lists in their School of study and council representatives were given seats according to the proportion of votes.

The Student Council consists of 17 representatives and as the system is today, there are 3 representatives from each School, except for 5 representatives from the School of Social Sciences. Röskva, association of socially minded students at the University of Iceland, received a total of 16 elected representatives, while Vaka, a student interest association, received 1 representative.

The election took place on Uglan and the turnout was 26.46%. Further figures are expected at the end of the week, but here you can see how the representatives are arranged:


School of Social Sciences:
1. Re­bekka Karls­dótt­ir (Röskva)
2. Erna Lea Berg­steins­dótt­ir (Röskva)
3. Stefán Kári Ottós­son (Röskva)
4. Ell­en Geirs­dótt­ir Håk­ans­son (Vaka)
5. Kjart­an Ragn­ars­son (Röskva)

School of Health Sciences:
1. Ing­unn Rós Kristjáns­dótt­ir (Röskva)
2. Mar­grét Jó­hann­es­dótt­ir (Röskva)
3. Kristján Guðmunds­son (Röskva)

School of Humanities:
1. Jóna Gréta Hilm­ars­dótt­ir (Röskva)
2. Anna María Björns­dótt­ir (Röskva)
3. Sig­urður Karl Pét­urs­son (Röskva)

School of Education:
1. Rósa Hall­dórs­dótt­ir (Röskva)
2. Rann­veig Klara Guðmunds­dótt­ir (Röskva)
3. Erl­ing­ur Sig­valda­son (Röskva)

School Engineering and Natural Sciences:
1. Ingvar Þórodds­son (Röskva)
2. Inga Huld Ármann (Röskva)
3. Helena Gylfa­dótt­ir (Röskva)


The Office of the Student Council sincerely congratulates the newly elected student council members on their election and wishes them good luck in their work.


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