January 15, 2021

Announcement from the Student Council regarding the Student Loan Fund

The Student Council would like to inform students that the Council’s Rights Office is looking into the Student Loan Fund’s (Menntasjóður námsmanna) requirement that students who are on housing loans must prove rent payments by presenting a registered lease or confirmation of housing with a certificate from the Icelandic State’s base registry,

The declaration for the fall semester 2020, about gathering information from a third party in relation to the student loan application, which students need to accept on applying for a loan, did not mention registered leases – only that the Student Loan fund would seek confirmation from the Commissioner of the Inland Revenue that the applicant has disclosed their rental payments on their tax return.

It has also come to light that students were not informed about the requirement of registered leases until now, when they received a message from the Student Loan Fund mentioning it.

The Student Council has requested a meeting with the chairman of the Student Loan Fund in hopes of students receiving clear answers as soon as possible.


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