November 30, 2020

100 years of The Student Council

A document series on the Student Council.

The Student Council of the University of Iceland will, in collaboration with Landsbankinn, the University of Iceland and RÚV, publish a short documentary series on the occasion of the centenary. The topics will be the students’ interest struggle while tracking the history of the Student Council. Ingileif Friðriksdóttir is the host of the show. Interviewees will be all kinds of people who have been involved in the work of the Student Council in one way or another over the years and set their mark on the interests battle.


The episodes will be shown on RÚV and we will publish the dates as soon as possible. A clip from the episodes will be premiered at the Student Council’s birthday party on December the 4th. The festival starts at 18:00 and there is a link to the stream here:


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